Heating Oil

Heating Oil

Kinch Fuels are home heating oil suppliers, (burning oil / kerosene) in Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Burford, Devizes & Marlborough.

Nearly all oil-fired boilers and cookers are fuelled by Kerosene, although some do require Gas oil. Home heating oil is a good option for domestic heating and hot water where a mains gas supply is not available.

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Heating oil can be ordered from Kinch Fuels by telephone or online and then delivered in bulk by our road tankers. Tanker pump readings are taken before and after delivery. We recommend using a regular supplier who is familiar with your location, installation and tank capacity. Oil deliveries are typically paid for by pre-payment or direct debit. Please contact us for any enquiries we are happy to help.

What are the benefits of Home Heating Oil?

Heating oil is also known as 28-second kerosene or UN 1223 and is produced in oil refineries when crude oil is distilled at high temperature. The home heating oil produced by this refining process is low in viscosity (it flows easily), low in sulphur content and has a relatively high calorific value. This means that it is a good heat source in combination with relatively clean burning properties. It is therefore viewed as highly cost-effective for building central heating boiler installations and is very popular in the U.K.

The oil is stored in a tank or reservoir; there are various types of oil tank available of varying construction and materials including plastic and steel. Overfill alarms (or other preventive devices) are recommended, to prevent possible spillage from overfilling. Note that any work on your tank and connected systems should be done by competent technicians.

From the reservoir or tank, the oil feed powers the boiler for heating and hot water supplies if selected. In conjunction with modern condensing boilers, which extract most of the heat from flue (waste exhaust) gases, an impressive level of combustion efficiency in excess of ninety per cent can be achieved from this fuel.

Conversely, annual servicing is required for optimum performance and to avoid defects and fumes. Also, oil prices have risen steadily over a number of years and will probably remain relatively high due to international demand.

The current price of heating oil is between 60p and 80p per litre, which can vary depending on location and the time of year.

Heating Oil Tips

If possible it is a good idea to maintain the oil reservoir or tank with a reasonable quantity of oil in it, as a contingency margin. This ensures uninterrupted oil supplies, for example during periods of particularly cold weather when demand soars and deliveries can sometimes take a few days to arrange.

Keeping the oil reserves above such a very minimum level in the reservoir also helps to avoid or reduce the likelihood of residue and particles entering the supply line and clogging filters and perhaps even causing possible boiler problems.

If you are in any doubt as to your requirements or if you would like a competitive quotation for your next home heating oil delivery, please contact us here.

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