Energy Tips

Energy Tips

Saving energy will help to efficiently save money at the same time and it doesn’t take a lot to start saving on those pennies. Without ever sacrificing home comforts, it’s entirely possible, by following just a few of our tips, to cut down on energy expenses with ease and convenience:

1. Draught Proofing

Heat will easily be lost through gaps and cracks around windows and doors as well as the chimney and other potential spots. With a variety of materials, such as silicone, simple draught proofing techniques can be incorporated around the household in order to prevent the loss of that valuable heat and the initial cost of undergoing such developments will save in the long term.

Another example of this includes topping up existing insulation or adding it into the house entirely. A simple loft insulation job of around 250mm will help keep the heat in and save up to £150 a year if done correctly.

2. Heating & Cooling

It doesn’t necessarily matter when it comes to the type of heating within the home but more will be saved with good, accurate maintenance. Oil-based systems are considered very effective in the long term, meaning oil fired boiler maintenance is extra important, considering the limited, precious resources.

Elsewhere, thermostats should be set accordingly, particularly during the winter months when more heat will be used around the house. Keeping air filters well-maintained on a regular basis is an absolute must as well. Simple, yet efficient, heating methods can also include keeping the curtains open during the summer so that the natural sunlight and heat gets in easily.

There are many small ways to retain heat, such as adding carpets to floorboards and ensuring that air-vents and radiators aren’t blocked off, enabling a healthy flow of air to traverse the room and spread out into the rest of the house.

3. Appliances & Electronics

It goes without saying that electronics that aren’t being used should be switched off and unplugged – many are simply left on standby which helps very little. Laptops have power management schemes as well which should be taken advantage of to save battery life and electricity. Power strips are advantageous as they’ll use one switch to turn off an abundance of unused electrical appliances.

Lighting comes into the equation as well and turning off lights in rooms that are not being used is common practice. Energy-efficient halogen light bulbs can improve energy usage by one third. These halogen bulbs last longer than the standard stock and can pay for themselves, in terms of savings, within the year.

4. Water & Heating

Water heating will always rack up a large cost on the energy bill so it may be useful to keep an eye on it as well as delving deep into methods of saving on the expense. Maintaining sinks, taps and shower heads are easy, simple ways of getting the most from the appliances and ensure any new devices, such as dish-washers and driers, come highly recommended with solid energy ratings.

Additionally, prime locations that face south (the roof, at the very least) can make use of certain solar units that will harness the sun’s rays to heat the water. It’s free energy and is incredibly environment-friendly.

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