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Gas Oil (Red Diesel)

Kinch Fuels are agricultural red diesel suppliers. Like road diesel, but sold mainly for farmers and agricultural purposes and industrial use. It is also often referred to as tractor diesel, farm diesel, 35 second oil or cherry diesel. Kinch Fuels supply and distribute across Wilthshire & Gloucestershire to the agricultural industry.

In the United Kingdom,” red diesel” is dyed gas oil for registered agricultural or construction vehicles such as tractors, excavators, cranes and some other non-road applications such as boats. It can also be used as a form of heating oil, for example, delivered into above-ground storage tanks, the diesel fuel in a home heating unit is atomized and then ignited to provide warmth.


Agricultural fuel carries a significantly reduced tax levy than un-dyed diesel fuel used in ordinary road vehicles. As red diesel is widely available in the UK, the authorities regularly carry out roadside checks and unauthorized use incurs heavy fines.

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A staple for farmers and the agriculture industry, there are many questions surrounding red diesel, how to use it and where to buy it. Here are some of the questions we frequently get asked at Kinch Fuels to give you some guidance.


Can you use red diesel for heating oil? 

Heating domestic appliances using red diesel is common across the UK. However, from April 2022 the permission to use red diesel fuel for heating oil in a commercial capacity was removed. There are alternatives such as Industry Heating Oil (IHO) which is a cost-effective fuel that can be used in furnaces, dryers and boilers.


Where to buy red diesel?

There are a number of reputable suppliers of red diesel fuel across the country, and at Kinch Fuels we can arrange the supply and delivery at a time and location that suits you. Plus we can provide emergency delivery if required at competitive prices as well as a range of other fuels. 


How can I store red diesel? 

Red diesel along with any other type of fuel is a hazardous substance, therefore it needs to be stored correctly and safely. If stored at home it needs to be placed in a shed or garage with the right containers. For up to 10 litres you’ll need a plastic container, for up to 20 litres and metal container, and for up to 30 litres a demountable fuel tank is required. For anything over 30 litres but less than 275 litres, you’ll need to inform your local Petroleum Enforcement Authority in writing with your address, name and storage location. As for supplies between 275 and 35,000 litres, you’ll need to obtain a petroleum storage certificate and licence from your local PEA. This lasts for three years and will need to be renewed after the expiry date if you’re still storing red diesel in your home. If you’re storing red diesel at your business location you need to follow the Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001 for amounts over 200 litres. However you store red diesel it’s important to have a tank that is compliant with building regulations. It’s your responsibility for any pollution and spillages so make sure to follow the rules.


Why choose us?

Kinch Fuels are red diesel suppliers that have over 40 years of experience in the industry and always have our finger on the pulse with new legislation and guidelines. Based in Wiltshire we supply and deliver a wide range of fuels across the surrounding areas for new and existing customers alike. Our renowned customer service, quality of fuel and efficient delivery mean that you won’t be disappointed. Open six days a week we’re a trusted local supplier that offers excellent red diesel prices and are there for you when you need us. If you’re thinking ‘I need red diesel near me’ then look no further than Kinch Fuels.


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