Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel

Ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD) is a standard for defining road diesel fuel with substantially lowered sulphur contents.

As of 2006, almost every diesel fuel available in the United States of America, Canada and Europe is of a ULSD type.

It is named after the German engineer Alfred Diesel who invented the compression-ignition engine.

In the UK, road diesel is also known as White Diesel or DERV, standing for Diesel Engined Road Vehicle, which carries a tax premium far higher than fuels that are not intended for road use, such as burning oil.

Benefits Of Ultra-Low-Sulphur Diesel

  • Ultra-low-sulphur diesel enables use of catalytic converters and particulate traps that nearly eliminate emissions of nitrogen oxides.
  • Ultra-low-sulphur diesel reduces emissions, which provides a more greener, cleaner diesel.