Gas Oil (Red Diesel)

Kinch Fuels are agricultural red diesel suppliers. Like road diesel, but sold mainly for farmers and agricultural purposes and industrial use. It is also often referred to as tractor diesel, farm diesel, 35 second oil or cherry diesel. Kinch Fuels supply and distribute across Wilthshire & Gloucestershire to the agricultural industry.

In the United Kingdom,” red diesel” is dyed gas oil for registered agricultural or construction vehicles such as tractors, excavators, cranes and some other non-road applications such as boats. It can also be used as a form of heating oil, for example, delivered into above-ground storage tanks, the diesel fuel in a home heating unit is atomized and then ignited to provide warmth.

red-diesel oil

Agricultural fuel carries a significantly reduced tax levy than un-dyed diesel fuel used in ordinary road vehicles. As red diesel is widely available in the UK, the authorities regularly carry out roadside checks and unauthorized use incurs heavy fines.

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